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Hot water circulator

A hot water circulator, whose primary component is a water pump, is a system that allows for the constant circulation of hot water in the plumbing of a house or other structure.

Benefits: The key benefit of hot water circulation is the immediate availability of hot water. Many hot water circulators are advertised as water-savers, as they are thought to help minimize the water waste associated with letting a faucet run until it reaches the desired temperature.

Types: Hot water circulation systems generally fall into two categories: open-loop systems and closed-loop systems. Open-loop systems return water to the water heater via the cold-water line; closed-loop systems use a dedicated hot-water line to cycle water back to the water heater.

Brands: Armstrong, Taco, Bell and Gossett, and Grundfos are the leading hot-water circulation pump brands. Other companies, such as RedyTemp, offer comprehensive thermostatic circulation systems.

There are many types of hot water circulator pumps that can be used for all different aspects of plumbing and pumping but in this lesson we will give you the basics of the water circulator and some of its uses as well as some common brands.

Most forced hot water heating systems in residential homes used something called a “circulator pump” to move the water through the pipes in the walls, radiators, and boilers.

Although some systems use less pumps then others because of the use of zone valves, you will find at least one circulator pump on the boiler if the home does in fact have hot water heat.

Back In the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s these pumps will have to be replaced more frequent dude to that most of them worked on ball bearings, and now with the new technology, they have made some of these units last up to ten years or more, which is much better for the consumer as they have to call a plumber less compared to the 3 - 4 years they were used to.

So to keep it simple and explain what the circulator pump does is to tell you “it moves water, quite and efficiently to keep you hot water seconds away from any faucet or plumbing fixture”.

Some other things that the circulator pump can be used for are.

* Hot water heat systems

* Instant hot domestic water

* Hot water recirculation systems